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FluxDelta is the first dapp to utilize and accept P4D tokens as well as demonstrating how other developers can use both the P4D and P3D earnings in a useful context. Players are able to transfer P4D tokens to any of the coin-pair contracts and it will use Oraclize to make a call to the internet and fetch the current coin-pair price and compare it with your last recorded price. Oraclize is a paid service so it costs a little bit of ETH every time there's a call but because P4D pays P3D dividends and P3D generates ETH while it's held, it means the contract is able to always maintain a certain ETH balance with the ability to sell P3D should it dip too low and buy P4D if it has a surplus of ETH.

Players of FluxDelta can either go short or long on a coin-pair and will be rewarded positive or negative shares depending on how the coin-pair does relative to your choice. You're not actually playing with the currencies of the coin-pairs but rather versing all of the other players in that coin-pair to see who on average can play the best. Good luck!
To kick it all off, you'll first need to decide on a couple of things; which coin-pair you wish to invest in, what multiplier you wish to play at, and, whether you want to go short or long on the coin-pair.

Your Multiplier

If this is your initial transaction into the coin-pair, you are allowed to send as much P4D as you wish and it will represent your multiplied stake for each investment after that. For example, as the base cost is 100 P4D, if you sent 1,000 P4D it would mean you would get 10x the shares you would of if you just sent the base cost. Please note that the minimum amount that you can send is the base cost so all multipliers under 1x will revert and send back your P4D.

After this point, your multiplier is set for all additional transactions and you will be required to send the same amount of P4D you sent when you started. The only way you can alter the multiplier is by withdrawing and starting over again.

Short vs Long

Cryptocurrencies tend to go up or down in value so it's important to be able to choose a direction you think it'll go. If you think a coin-pair such as ETH-USD is going to increase in value over time, you would be taking a long position on the pair. In this example if you think that the USD is going to do better than ETH you would be taking a short position on the pair.

You can set the direction upon every new investment so if you can ride the peaks and troughs with each invest, you will most likely be averaging much higher than other players and therefore your proportional stake will be worth more than you have invested up to that point (ie a net positive position).
When you first invest into a coin-pair you will automatically receive 1 share x your multiplier, so if you sent 250 P4D you would get 2.5 shares and it will record the price you have invested at as well as whether you're taking a short or long position.

From here, every time you invest, you will receive shares based on how well the coin-pair did relative to your last locked in price. You will get 1 share for every 1% gain (for longing) or loss (for shorting) as well as receiving a base rate of 1 share. After this, it is multiplied by your locked in rate and applied to your account.

For example, if you chose to long the coin-pair ETH-USD and since you last invested, ETH-USD is up 2.5%, this would mean that you would receive 3.5 shares x your multiplier for that particular investment.

Upon a new investment you are able to change whether you're taking a long or short position but you cannot change your multiplier (and intrinsicly the P4D cost). If you click the little down the bottom right of the card, it will calculate how much gain/loss you need to break even as well as what your potential P4D stake would be should you choose to invest again.
If you find yourself in a position where your coin-pair is moving in the opposite direction to what you guessed, it might be worthwhile to withdraw and start over again instead of taking a potential loss. Withdrawing does not fetch a new price so if you wish to gain your shares before you withdraw, you'll have to invest again first.

Once you withdraw, everything will be reset for your account and the contract will automatically transfer out your relative P4D stake and remove your shares from the total pot. From here you can start again and send a completely different multiplier to what you sent before. Before withdrawing, if your overall position is higher up than most other players, it may be worthwhile just waiting it out as when more volume passes through the contract, if your average is still more than the overall average, you will actually gain more P4D for your current shares simply because you played better.
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